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As females, the external and internal pressures to be fit and healthy are more apparent than ever before. We all want to feel good in our own skin and excel confidence in our day to day lives.

Fitness can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially when you are just at the start of your fitness journey. With the image of ‘perfect women’ circling social media and quick fix diet tips in every magazine; Knowing where to begin and what is best for your journey can leave you baffled and confused.

At Your Contour, we want to highlight that this is YOUR fitness journey, designing YOUR body the way that YOU want to look, working in tune with YOUR body shape and YOUR lifestyle. We recognise that every woman is different and beautiful in their own right. There is not just one perfect end result.

With training plans, nutrition, extensive exercise library, recipes and online support – Your Contour offers you the flexibility to access content at any time from anywhere. With a wide variety of both home and gym workouts, eating out guides, home cooking recipes and exercise guides, Your Contour works with you to design a fitness regime to suit you, your body and your lifestyle.

Our website offers you one off training and diet plans, as well as the option to subscribe monthly to our members portal, where you can access multiple training plans, a constant stream of new recipes and blog posts, and have access to speak to Your Contour coaches via the portal if you feel extra support is what you need to stay on track.

Choose what you think is best suited to you, and get started with Your Contour today.

We work together to help you be the very best version of you. You choose your journey.

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